The Breaking Point

There were a few events that led to my moment of awakening.

Signs of emotional abuse are easy to ignore or dismiss. A black eye or broken arm can awaken the point of walking away but how do you know when enough is enough after subtle emotional digs, over and over? When is the point where you say enough is enough?

We start thinking that something isn’t right, but our minds go straight to only the good times. When we start thinking we are gaining the courage to really look at what is happening, floods of memories pour into us and blind us to the truth.

Silent Treatments are Abuse

I had just suffered through a NINE MONTH silent treatment. YES…. you read that right. Nine months of getting nothing but grunts when I would try to talk to the man I was sleeping next to every single night. This extended silent treatment stemmed from a conversation we had where he wanted to go eat at a certain restaurant but my 16 year old daughter needed me at home because she was going through something emotional. The second I said I needed to get home, the silence started. He mumbled under his breath and walked away. My body started reacting. I became panicked, began hyperventilating and started the begging and crying.

He had never been married and never had children so he didn’t understand that when a mother is raising two teenagers, they are going to need her guidance and support. He had issues with them from the moment we were married and he moved into our home. I brushed it aside, thinking that I could change this and make us a happy step family. It never happened.

Somewhere during that nine months of nothingness I became so depressed that I started writing in my journal almost non stop. When I get these writings out and read them, it makes me sad for this woman who was experiencing these feelings. I see her as someone separate from myself. She was lost and broken.

Until she asked for help.

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