Wishing For Something

Sometimes I start wishing for something and then realize that I put that thought out there to be manifested. These wishes can be just random or something that I truly want. I need to be more careful in the future.

Be Careful What I Wish For

It is always my wish that there will be a few decent snows during the winter months. I work at a university and when the public school system is closed…. so are we!

The past two years we have not had enough snow to call for closings so those much wished for surprise days off have been missed.

Three months ago I realized the air was growing warmer and tiny bits of Spring were slowly floating into our area. I remember commenting that I just wanted some snow days before winter totally disappeared. WHAT? From now on, I need to be very mindful of what I truly wish for. Once we put those thoughts into the universe, the law of attraction is set in motion.

Not What I Wished For

I am sorry, but this is NOT what I wished for. I wanted two or three days of staying home. There is something so cozy about waking up to snow and hearing that we can go back to bed and be lazy while watching the snow quietly falling outside the windows. It’s one of my favorite winter surprises.

When I mentioned it to my significant other this last time, it was because we haven’t had snow days off in quite a few years. I longed for that peaceful, cozy day where he is having to go to work but I can crawl back under the covers.

I did NOT expect that I would get not only two or three but over two months of isolation.

Universe…. I take it back. This is not what I meant! Learn to read between the lines please.

Quarantine Life

So these endless days of being isolated have become a quarantine roller coaster ride for the emotions. (More on that subject in my next post). I am loving being at home, but that doesn’t mean I wanted to be in the confines of my home ONLY. I am missing life as it was. And I am realizing that life will never again be as it was.

Now I will begin to piece together this new reality and see where the next phase of life takes me. But one thing is sure, I will be careful what I wish for and I will be specific with these wishes.

Universe, nowhere in my wish for days off did I mention the word QUARANTINE!

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