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Weekend Trip to Huntington Beach

We had such an amazing weekend with family in California! Our weekend trip to Huntington Beach was a perfect getaway.

It’s what my soul needed. I longed to just sit on the opposite side of the country soak in the sun, the sea and enjoy life for a moment.

Our Arrival

We arrived at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach early in the morning before check in. They were very gracious in letting us store our luggage and head to the pool area to wait for our rooms to be available.

We were able to change and find a nice area to sit, relax and enjoy the water while we waited

The place was stunning. We definitely made the right choice!

The Pool

The main pool area was tropical and peaceful. Soft music was drifting through the air and a breeze was blowing the tops of the palm trees, making them sway in a rhythmic motion above our heads.

Grounds at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach, CA
Walkway to the pool
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach pool
Hyatt Regency Pool in Huntington Beacyh

Refreshing drinks at the pool

Children’s Area Discovery

After our drinks at the main pool, we decided to explore the tropical grounds a little. A short walk to the other side of the resort proved successful in finding an oasis for families. There was a second pool area with pool, water slide and hot tub area. This section was slightly more crowded but much more fun for children.

Water slides at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Preparing for the Water Slide in the Family pool area
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Family pool
Hot Tub and Family Pool

Water Slides

The water slides were just as much fun for the adults as for the children. We couldn’t get enough. After relaxing at the other pool, it was refreshing to ride the cool slide surrounded by laughter of not only kids but their parents.

View From Our Rooms

I wasn’t expecting the view as we arrived in our room. It was so peaceful and gorgeous. The balcony is where we spent alot of our time, viewing the resort from above.

Venturing Off Of The Resort

We finally decided to leave the resort and explore the area further. The beach was gorgeous but the water was cold. Florida beaches are where we usually spend our time. There are no warm waters here to swim in but I took the opportunity to see what it felt like anyway.

Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach, California

After an afternoon at the pool and a walk across to the beach we went into town for dinner.

Our first stop was Pacific City. This is a quaint area with shopping and dining options for everyone.

Pacific City Huntington Beach, CA
Pacific City Huntington Beach, CA

After shopping and browsing for awhile we decided on Ola Mexican Grill for dinner. The atmosphere and food were amazing. We had a short wait to get in since it was a Saturday night, but the scenery and people watching was enough to keep us busy until we were seated.

Ola Mexican Grille in Pacific City, Huntington Beach, CA
Ola Mexican Grille in Pacific City, Huntington Beach, CA
Ola Mexican Grille in Pacific City, Huntington Beach, CA

The End to a Perfect Evening

After dinner we walked to the Huntington Beach Pier. The further out we walked, the stronger the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It was beautiful and the perfect end of a perfect day. Our weekend away in Huntington Beach was everything we hoped it would be. We will be back!

Just listen to the soothing sounds
Huntington Beach At Night
Huntington Beach At Night from the pier
Huntington Beach Pier
Huntington Beach Pier

We Will Be Back

This was the perfect weekend trip to Huntington Beach with an amazing stay at the Hyatt Regency. We are looking forward to returning soon!

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