Time Well Spent?

When I was working a full time job I always longed for extra time. Time to travel, to paint, to write. Time to do the things I longed for but work got in the way. So during this pandemic of 2020, was my time well spent? The answer is no.

Working Remotely

In March of 2020 we were forced to slow down. Most were sent home with our work and our computers. Those of us who juggled traffic to and from work with demanding jobs were asked to re-create what a work day would look like from home.

It’s not easy taking care of the needs of students and faculty remotely. There were zoom meeting (something that was totally new to most of us) as well as hundreds of emails from frantic students trying to tackle classrooms online.

And Then it Happened

I was proud of myself for how I tackled these stressful few months. And then it happened! A large group of employees received “the call”. Due to the struggles of the times, enrollment was down and to add to this problem, Covid-19 hit hard. They appreciate us, they will miss us, but we were no longer employed.

What? I have worked since I was 15 years old! A huge portion of that time, I was working 2 jobs and loving it. Faced with the unknown, rather than dwell on it and sink into despair, I changed my thinking. This became my time to rest and think about this new path I was being forced to turn down.

It provided me with more time to spend with children and grandchildren as well as moments of contemplating what it is that I want in life. I am too young to retire but so close I can taste it! So what do I do until then?


I shouldn’t say Reinvention. Rediscovery is the journey I have been on. That seems to be more appropriate. Rediscover who I have always been and rise out of this past year like a phoenix. It is definitely time!

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