Sixty and free to just be me

Sixty and Free to Just Be!

The Year of Turning Sixty

I’m officially a Crone! I can now say that I have reached the phase of life where I can be considered a crone or wise woman. And it is amazing! After my 60th birthday, I was too busy to realize that I was actually sixty!!! Six months later, I am realizing what this means.

It’s a huge deal! It’s the beginning of a sort of ‘freedom’. I am free to just be! My kids are grown and my work life is winding down. I find it very exciting but at the same time I didn’t think it would feel different. It definitely does!

Focusing on Happiness

This old body is feeling it and my muscles and joints don’t work like they used to. The need to focus more on my physical self is more important than ever. But, I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I am in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man and best friend.

My children are brilliant, courageous, successful and such good parents. They have partners that I adore and children who have stolen my heart for all time!

My parents are still with us and they are healthy and happy!

I am sixty and free to just be!

I’ve Survived the Past

Yes there have been trials and hurdles, sadness, anger, emotional breakdowns and moments of wonderful laughter and love. That’s part of this journey. It’s all part of growing and experiencing this crazy life.

These trials and experiences have made me who I am. What if I would have taken a different turn? Had I chosen a different lifestyle or partner, how would it have affected my life?

My marriage was a disaster, but without it I would not have the amazing children I have now. Those two souls have given me happiness, tears and taught me so many wonderful lessons.

No Regrets

So, in looking back at the past sixty years, I can honestly say that I don’t regret a moment of my past. Sure, it could have been made slightly easier with different choices, but I did the best I could at the time.

I have finally stepped into the role of the Crone, the wise woman. As a wise woman, I will be ready to share my stories, to guide my loved ones and to be here for them with unconditional love.

Acceptance of the physical changes that are in my future won’t be easy, but that is the challenge I am ready to accept. I will embrace the deepening valleys of my skin with pride and will do what I can to nourish my body and mind daily.


It’s interesting how my life is re-creating itself right at the time I am turning sixty. Just in 6 months time I have seen a job change and a new home. I am creating a bright, cheerful art space for myself. Retirement is looming ahead of me. New grandchildren are arriving. I am able to just be!

Life is about change and being able to shift our thinking. It’s about bending with the wind rather than resisting it. It’s in the bending that we realize how strong we truly are.

I am open to whatever reveals itself in the future. Because of the events of the past, I have prepared myself for the next phase of my journey. I am stronger, braver and more determined to do my part to make this world a kinder and more amazing place for my grandchildren to live in.

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