The Creative Spark

The creative spark inside me is growing. It’s been 9 years since my divorce. Nine years since I’ve stepped into the art studio that I shared with my ex. I need my creative space!  I need a studio where I can go to put my hands in clay or to paint.

Here is my checklist that I have already started following in order to create this space for myself:

    • Get my tools back from the old studio  –  (My ex husband was very sweet and saved all of my tools for me. He knew I would be there to get them one day)


    • Purchase clay so that I am pretty much forced to start working!


    • Create a space for myself in my basement until I have another studio to work in


    • Organize my space. Paints & canvases on one shelf, clay items on the other


    • Purchase or build myself a work bench


    • Speak with another clay artist to see about borrowing a kiln to fire my work


  • Eventually sell my creations again one day.

But for right now I just need to create. It isn’t about the money. It’s about the love for the art and the smell of the clay. It’s the way it feels between my fingers and the emotions that are poured into bringing it to life.

I sat in meditation recently, asking the Universe for guidance.  The spark was ignited. Now I need to nurture it, feed it, bring it to life.

I’m ready!

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