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Stay-cation In My Own Backyard

I love summer! And I love traveling in the summer. There is nothing more exciting to me than spending a week on a beach under an umbrella with a good book and a pina colada! But one of these summers, I need to slow the pace down a little and remember that there are many things to do right in my own backyard! I’ve heard that stay-cations are nice, so I have tried to wrap my head around it. Let’s see what I can do without jumping on an airplane.

So if I do decide to experience what it’s like to just relax in my own city, I would need to get prepared and make a list of what to do and what not to do.

My List of Do’s and Don’t’s

#1 Disconnect

First on my list is to turn my computer and cell phone off! I have a habit of checking work emails while on vacation. It makes sense to me. I reason with myself that I won’t be quite so busy once I get back to the office. But that defeats the purpose of vacation, and work life balance! Even if I can’t make myself turn the phone off, I need to turn emails off.

#2 No Housework

No housework is next on the list. Would I be doing housework if I were on the beach? Then why would I do extra while staying in my own hometown for my stay-cation?

#3 No Yard Work

No yard work either. This might be hard to accomplish. I love being outside. Every winter I count the days until the breeze starts becoming a little bit warmer and the buds on the trees start showing. So, I might have to block off a little bit of time outside in my yard and still call it part of my stay-cation.

#4 Find Something New

Do something new that I have never done in my own hometown. There are places to explore that I never take the time for. Maybe find a new restaurant or drive to the new outlet mall.

The Ohio River from Louisville Waterfront

Here we go…..

Louisville Area

Kentucky Derby Museum
Churchill Downs
Historic Locust Grove
Louisville Palace Theater
Louisville Slugger Museum
Frazier History Museum
Louisville Glass works
Louisville Zoo
Speed Art Museum
Muhammad Ali Center

Downtown Louisville

Actors Theater, courtesy of Clark Capps
Glassworks student

The Highlands

Strolling around the Highlands on Bardstown Road is one of my favorite relaxing pastimes while at home in Louisville. The eclectic shopping and restaurants there will never bore me.

Our favorite restaurants are Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, with it’s diverse international menu and atmosphere as well as Wick’s Pizza Parlor. For Irish Cuisine there is O’Sheas Irish Pub and Molly Malone’s and the best sushi in town is found at Sapporo Grill & Sushi.

The Muhammad Ali Center

Bardstown Kentucky

Stephen Foster Story
My Old Kentucky Home State Park
Bardstown Civil War Museum
My Old Kentucky Home Dinner Train
Maker’s Mark Distillery

Local Theme Parks

Kentucky Kingdom
Holiday World

Lexington Kentucky

Kentucky Horse Park
The Thoroughbred Center
Kentucky Horse Farm Tours

Short Drive from Louisville

Kentucky Railway Museum

Mammoth Cave National Park

I live in Louisville, KY, 25 minutes from Bardstown, KY. I am in the heart of Bourbon country and I have not yet done the Bourbon Trail!

Kentucky Bourbon! photo courtesy of Marty Pearl / TomMoore

There are also wonderful nature preserves. We could visit Bernheim Forest or Jefferson Memorial Forest.

State parks in Kentucky are abundant. Around Louisville are The Falls of the Ohio, which is a 10 minute drive across the river and Tom Sawyer Park is also right down the road.

I Just Need To Relax

So, I should really grasp the concept of a stay-cation eventually and remain in my own backyard, remembering what my own home town has to offer.

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