Aging Gracefully,  SURVIVAL & HEALING

Unhealthy Relationships and Recreating My Life

Unhealthy choices over the years caused me to lose sight of who I truly am.  Through many different outlets and the help of wonderful friends,  I have enjoyed the journey back and can’t wait to tell my story.

Now that I am in my 50’s,  actually pushing 60, there is an entirely different set of worries.  Wrinkles and how to age in a graceful way instead of with dread.

I Am Ready For Change

But I am ready to take on the challenge.

I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and realized that overnight I started looking old. Noooooo! This can’t be!  My brain thinks I am still young. My mirror tells me otherwise.

I pretended it wasn’t happening for years. But I know it’s time to start aging gracefully and taking charge of my body.

Oh No!  Accidental Selfies!

Have you ever been taking a picture of something and the camera has flipped to selfie mode accidentally?  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Do I really look like that?

I have been on an incredible journey and am excited to share my experiences.

Why I Am ‘Forever Delaney’

It took a long time to find Shannon Delaney again.
This is why I will always be – Forever Delaney.


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