I Am a Dreamer

I am a dreamer.  That is the best way to describe me.  I could disappear into a room and daydream for hours. I can create the most amazing scenarios in my head if given a few minutes of alone time. 

Giving Up My Dream

At the age of 19, I gave up the dream to be an artist.  I was studying Art in college and was very good at it. But I was young, rebellious and made some choices that changed the course of my young adult life.

I quit school and decided to marry a man that my parents forbid me to marry.  This was the pivotal moment that took me on another path in life.


We have choices.  Our journey is not set in stone.  We may have our entire future planned out in our minds, but one decision will change the course.

I have found that if it is a bad decision, an unhealthy course that we are on, it is very very hard to come back from that.

But with determination and surrounding yourself with 



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