Exploring Maui, Part 3


After the excitement of the last few days, it was time to relax and truly see what Maui held in store for us. The Island has an incredible spiritual or magical feeling that I can’t really put into words. It’s just something that needs to be experienced in person. Exploring Maui was next on our agenda.

Strolling the walking path between the resorts.

The morning after the wedding ceremony, Roger and I grabbed our Starbucks coffee and took a stroll down the Wailea Beach walking path that connects all of the resorts in Wailea Beach. The next resort over was The Grand Wailea, Waldorf Astoria Resort. It was absolutely stunning! I enjoyed strolling through the resort grounds and taking a look at the lobby area, but our personal preference has always been smaller resorts with a cozy feel. Still…. it was nice to see another option for travelers.

Checking out the Grand Wailea next door
Strolling through the Grand Wailea Grounds
Large sculpture in the courtyard of the Grand Wailea

The Grand Wailea, Waldorf Astoria is know for it’s very large art collection. This was one of many that we passed along the way. One day, upon our return, maybe we will stay here and experience everything about it.

After all, we have been told that once you visit a Hawaiin Island, it will call you back or it won’t. This island definitely calls to us. We will be back!

Wedding Chapel on the Grand Wailea grounds.

On to The Next Adventure of the Island

We continued down the path past the Four Seasons and The Wailea Beach Villas and slowly walked back to our resort to change for our next adventure. The entire group was going to experience a snorkel adventure that morning. We boarded the ferry at Maalaea Harbor and were on our way to Molokini Crater.

Ferry Ride to Molokini Crater
Anchored at Molokini Crater for Snorkeling
A Cave to Snorkel in, if the Tide is Low

And Back to Resort for More Relaxation

Another afternoon of relaxing by the pool with cool beverages was perfect before our next venture! That evening we decided to experience Maui nightlife. We took a trip to South Shore Tiki Lounge. After all, if we are in Hawaii, why not try a real Tiki bar!

Pool Time before our night out.
Infinity Pool at sunset at the Wailea Beach Resort, Marriott Maui

Day 5

A Starbucks latte and we were ready for the next adventure in Maui! We heard that Twin Falls was a good hike through the rain forest that ended at an amazing waterfall. This hike was to be found along The Road to Hana. On the way we passed the most incredible sight I think I have ever seen. It was Ho’okipa Beach and as the enormous waves crashed on the shore, there was a mist that rose up and glistened in the sunlight. It literally took my breath away. Within the mist, as far as we could see there were kiteboarders braving the large waves. I felt like I had just gotten a glimpse of true paradise.

We knew we had to come back to this magical place

We knew that we had to come back to this magical place before we went back home. I made a mental note of it for later.

Twin Falls

In the meantime, we found our hiking spot and began walking through the bamboo rain forest, past colorful foliage and banana trees. It was slightly more strenuous than we had read so it took us a little bit longer to arrive at the falls. Hiking this rain forest was amazing. Once we arrived at our destination, the cool mist coming off the falls was a perfect end to a great hike.

The trail to the Twin Falls
Banana Tree

Colors in the rain forest
Hiking into the Rain Forest

Cool Water at the end of the trail!

Most of the group were catching their flights home early in the morning. Roger and I decided to stay an extra few days to explore a little bit more. As a result, we experienced two days of absolute bliss.


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