Maui Trip – Part 2

Day Three, Countdown to the Destination Wedding

Day three was a busy day for the group. Since I was with the ‘Father of the Bride’, I quietly sat back and listened for my instructions. No need to get in the way! But what an amazing place to be quietly sitting back and waiting for my chance to help. This night was the rehearsal dinner. We were going to a Luau! It’s Maui Luau Day for our group.

Gathering at the pool to discuss upcoming rehearsal dinner plans
Another Gorgeous Day in Maui

Te Au Moana Luau Time

There couldn’t be a better way to experience a rehearsal dinner than at a Luau! The Wailea Beach Resort puts on an amazing Luau and it was right under our balcony so we could hear the set up excitement and the music as we were getting ready to attend the event that evening.

Luau time
Te Au Moana Luau
View from our room as they prepare for the Luau

We have never attended a luau before so we had no idea what to expect. The setting, the atmosphere, the music leading up to the performances and the ritual of uncovering the pigs were such a fun experience. I would highly recommend this activity to anyone visiting Hawaii.

The Traditions

Maui Luau
Ritual of uncovering the pigs

The Luau is a popular social gathering in Hawaii, meant to unite the people of the town for certain celebrations or accomplishments. The Hawaiian version of the word Luau means ‘gathering meal’ and is centered around traditional cuisine such as pig, poi and haupia along with entertainment of hula dance and traditional Hawaiian music. This photo shows our food being unearthed and taken by procession to the buffet table.

Awaiting our feast
Vendors selling their wares
The process of creation

Once we enjoyed watching the locals carving and creating their art, and we grabbed our Mai Tais and Pina Coladas we filled our plates with amazing food and waited for the entertainment to begin. It could not have been a more perfect night.

Hula and Music

And then the fun really began. The images cannot even begin to describe how perfect it all was. There was a Hawaiian band on stage playing their traditional tunes while the stunning sunset was happening behind them. We truly were in paradise!

Luau Music at sunset
Luau music at sunset in Wailea Beach

And the performance begins! Not only did the performers entertain us, they grabbed guests from the audience to join. Three or four of our group were pulled up on stage.

Then it was time for the night to end. We all slowly walked back to our rooms after an amazing evening of Hawaiian Traditions and Rituals. Just glad to be there!

Day Four – The Destination Wedding

Rather than renting space at the resort, the wedding celebration was held on a hilltop right down the road with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. It was late afternoon and the sun was just getting ready to set over the ocean. The air was hot but parasols and the gentle sea breeze helped make the moment perfect.

And then on to the Humble Market Kitchin Cocktail area and private dining rooms at the resort for cocktails and the wedding dinner. It was a perfect setting!

Cocktail time!
Wedding Dinner at Humble Market Kitchin – Wailea Beach Resort

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