Aging Gracefully

Deciding to Take Action

Have you ever been taking a photo and you have accidentally switched to selfie mode? You glance at the camera and almost scream?  It happens to me all the time. I react as though a horrible creature has just peered through the screen at me. I gasp and turn it back as fast as humanly possible.

Those were the eye opening moments for me.  I felt young, people told me I looked young, but when I saw the face looking back at me, I was horrified. Where did the wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes come from?  Did it happen overnight or has it been slowly creeping up on me without my knowledge?


There are very vague memories of my doctor informing me I was “peri-menopausal”.  I was in denial.  I would be standing in a room talking and all of a sudden my entire body was on fire, from the inside out, and my clothes would be drenched. It was embarrassing to stand in front of someone with sweat dripping into my eyes while I tried talking. Still, I was in denial.  I was only in my 40’s.  Menopause was for old people.

A friend told me about a product that I could use to help get me through those “Peri-Menopause” hot flashes.  Sorry, I am too young for this. I am not in menopause.  But I’ll try it anyway – just in case.  It helped!  I don’t know how I ever survived those soaked night gowns and sheets every night without this.

I highly recommend AM/PM Formula  if you are starting these night sweats and hot flashes.

That was a start.  I had come out of my denial and realized that I needed to survive. Forget about my wrinkles.  I needed sleep.  I wanted to be able to hold a conversation without fanning myself or looking like I had just run a 10k.

Step one:   Get relief!

AM/PM Formula


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