Art in Nature

If we take the time to be still and open our eyes to everything around us, it’s amazing what we will find.
I was on Samana Cay in the Bahamas and I was upset because it had been cloudy all day and we were unable to snorkel.   It’s crazy how we humans can be in paradise and still allow ugly feelings to start rising up in us because the day isn’t going as planned.   I remember being mad at the world as we landed on the island. I left my snorkel gear in the boat and stomped out of the water grumbling under my breath.

Stop and Breathe

My friend, Susan, asked me to stop and breathe and to remember that we were the only ones on the entire island.  I did just that.  And when I calmed myself down I looked beneath my feet and noticed this incredible formation in the sand.  Every few feet the pattern changed. When I took this photo I had decided to just sit and be still.  As I did, the sun came out from behind the clouds.  Not only did I have my beloved earth and water near me, I now had a vision of diamonds sparkling on the water in front of me.

I remind myself often to sit and be still.  It’s amazing what might turn up at any moment!


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