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    Maui Trip – Part 2

    Day Three, Countdown to the Destination Wedding Day three was a busy day for the group. Since I was with the ‘Father of the Bride’, I quietly sat back and listened for my instructions. No need to get in the way! But what an amazing place to be quietly sitting back and waiting for my chance to help. This night was the rehearsal dinner. We were going to a Luau! It’s Maui Luau Day for our group. Te Au Moana Luau Time There couldn’t be a better way to experience a rehearsal dinner than at a Luau! The Wailea Beach Resort puts on an amazing Luau and it was right…


    The Ultimate Hawaiian Trip Part 1

    We hadn’t intended on visiting Hawaii. It is so far from our home and the long flight was something we were not wanting to experience, despite the fact that Maui was supposed to be pretty close to paradise. Roger was the father of the bride and it was a destination wedding, so we decided to make it a great adventure. Despite our exhaustion after traveling across the country and over the ocean , once we arrived in Maui, we knew we had stepped into paradise! We were part of a destination wedding and there could not have been a better location for their marriage to begin. Wailea Beach was our…

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    An American in Singapore

    I love to travel! My mind and body crave the experience of being in another place, immersing myself in other cultures and lifestyles. One of the most exotic and exciting experiences I have ever had was my first trip to Singapore. It has been many years since I visited Singapore but the sights and smells remain with me to this day. The air holds an aromatic blend of orchids, moist sea air, fish markets and exotic Chinese herbs.     Singapore Airlines Flying to this country is an experience all its own. I flew out of New York City on Singapore Airlines and before I even boarded the plane the…


    Tinseltown, a By-Gone Era

    Here are a few words to describe how I feel the second I step off our airplane in Bob Hope Airport Burbank; I’m in Tinseltown.  Beauty,  health conscious, diverse, eclectic, vibrant, mountainous, fast paced… did I mention beauty? It’s not just the landscape I am speaking of. The city seems to buzz with the ghosts of beautiful actresses and actors. Faster Pace Louisville, Kentucky it is not!  The slow paced lifestyle that I am used to does not exist here. Leave slow behind. The traffic is exactly like the photos and videos show and the lifestyles seem to be at a much faster pace than what we southerners are accustomed…


    Great Book Suggestions

    This isn’t a post about current top ten books or the best new books on the shelves. It’s about things I have read in the past that helped me in some way, whether it was to transform me to another place and help me forget the problems I was having in real life, or to help me get through those real life issues, or to just be entertained. There are a few books from my past summer reads that really helped me with my self worth and my female empowerment as well as during my spiritual searching.   A few of them were so powerful that I long to read them…


    Art in Nature

    If we take the time to be still and open our eyes to everything around us, it’s amazing what we will find. I was on Samana Cay in the Bahamas and I was upset because it had been cloudy all day and we were unable to snorkel.   It’s crazy how we humans can be in paradise and still allow ugly feelings to start rising up in us because the day isn’t going as planned.   I remember being mad at the world as we landed on the island. I left my snorkel gear in the boat and stomped out of the water grumbling under my breath. Stop and Breathe My friend,…