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The Potter’s Wheel and Creativity

I wrote a blog awhile back on missing my creativity and my clay work. I have gotten my tools back, I have purchased the clay and I have the longing to get back to my work. But I have no space to do this. I tried creating a little corner in the basement but it’s a basement! Okay, Shannon, use your creativity to imagine how this could work! Paint the walls a bright color, hang magazine photos that inspire! Open the box of clay and breathe in it’s earthy scent! DO IT!

Today I watched a post on Facebook of an artist who was working on his wheel and an amazing platter was formed from the lump of clay. I can do that!  I have done that, long ago!   It’s like riding a bike. Once we bring the clay to life and feel the sense of awe, it never leaves us. I just need to DO IT!  Throw my leg over that bike seat and start peddling!

Now my excuse is that I want a wheel and I need a kiln to fire it in and I need a sink to clean up in…. the list goes on.  The list of excuses can be exhausting.  I wish I knew why I procrastinate so much. Procrastination cripples me. It keeps me from creating and from truly living. 

Writing is so darn therapeutic. Once I start writing my frustrating thoughts and release them, the ideas start coming. I have a garage that is useless as far as putting cars in it.  It’s a wet, cobwebby garage but if I get out there and clean it up and work on it, I can make it a good place for working. It’s not impossible. 

And then I start searching for a used pottery wheel. There have got to be artists out there who don’t need their wheel anymore. But how can I find these people if I don’t start looking. 

So here I am, slowly chipping away at my walls that I have built around me that keep me from creating works of art. One of these days the last piece of the wall will crumble and I will be able to step into the other side!  


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