My Art Background

I come by art naturally.  I have a family history of artistic, creative relatives.

My maternal grandparents were both very good artists. Our Grandfather, Robert G. Wathen, was a commercial artist even before I was born.  He had a comic strip in the local newspaper and then began painting watercolor scenes of Louisville landmarks. 

My Grandmother was also an incredible artist but because this was the era where the husband worked and the wife stayed in his shadows,  she hid these drawings and paintings and none of us knew how incredibly talented she was until she was gone.  I found her paintings stuffed away in the attic of her home after she had passed away.

My Mom, Aunts, cousins as well as my own brother and sisters are artists.  They all have taken their own paths in life which consist of dance, painting, acting and singing.

Mom’s Harp

Here is an incredible story that my Mom tells us about her wish for a harp.  She is a dancer.  Mom had her own ballet school for a very long time until she retired.  She was a singer, and actress and a model.  But her one wish had always been to play a harp.  As a child she would ask her Dad for one, but he would always tell her he couldn’t afford it.  This longing never left her.

Years after he was gone, she was given the opportunity to purchase a harp.  While in the car one day she very clearly heard her fathers voice say “Fran,  here is the harp I was never able to give you.”  She knew the harp had come from him.  And without ever taking a class, she started creating the most beautiful music from this harp. Still to this day she plays at weddings, funeral and every Friday at Hospice.

My Dad’s Side

There is creativity on my Dad’s side as well.  My Grandpa was a wood worker and my Aunt is an artist.

So like I said,  I come by it naturally.

There was never a question in my mind that someday I would be an artist.  I did very well in high school and I went to college for an art degree.  It was a dream.

Then life got in the way and the dream was buried deep for many years.

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