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Complicated, Moody and Hormone Balancing

Women Complicated?

Women’s bodies are such a mystery!   We are called ‘complicated’ by men. We are called ‘moody’ at times. They have no clue!  Women endure the menstruation and cramping during their younger years. We carry items as large as watermelons in our uterus for months.  Our bodies contort and contract until we push this watermelon sized human being out through a tiny space,  and then have these tiny beings sucking on our engorged breasts that drip with milk all day and night. We spend the next year or so trying to return our bodies to normal again… only to repeat the cycle. 


Brief Sigh of Relief

Then we reach the peri menopausal stage where our bodies are burning up from the inside out. We suffer the mood swings and the horrible night sweats. And some of us (me included) have day sweats as well.  And once we actually reach menopause and our periods stop for good… we breath a huge sigh of relief…..  for an instant! Because then we become tired all the time, our skin dries up, our libido disappears. We become ill more often and we develop brain fog.  I have tried all sorts of night creams, day creams, lotions, serums, vitamins. I’ve tried expensive ones and cheap ones. I have listed below and on other posts, the items that I have found are the best for me. 

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had reached my limit with the sagging, crepe paper skin and mood swings. So I visited my wonderful nurse practitioner who has been trying to get my hormones back in balance for me.  Originally when she took my labs my estrogen level was ZERO.  That explained a lot! It explained the mood swings for the past 8 years and the constant illness and overall feeling of not being myself anymore.  My brain fog and short term memory loss had consumed me and I was just a shell of who I used to be. Once on the hormones I came alive again. 

Slowly we have been testing strengths for my bio-identical hormones.  It only took a couple of weeks for me to become myself again. My mood leveled off, my skin looked much better and I felt healthier and happier. I was in control! 



But then something started happening that I didn’t connect to my hormone levels until just recently when it was pointed out to me.   I started becoming more aggressive, more defensive, quicker to snap at my loved ones and stand my ground.  That wasn’t like me.  The best way to explain it is that my  “Shannon” pendulum had swung from one extreme to the total opposite.  I still wasn’t myself but it was a complete flip from the tired, brain fog ridden me. 

Last night I was informed by my significant other, (a man I would NEVER intentionally hurt) that I had become mean.  I have never been mean. Even through my darkest moments of menopause, I never lost the sense of caring for others feelings.  I woke up in the middle of the night after hearing that comment and it dawned on me that something had changed recently and I needed to get to the bottom of it. I asked him this morning when this “mean” streak started.  It was a couple of weeks ago.

Testosterone the Culprit?

I had gone for a follow up visit (TWO WEEKS AGO) to see how my hormone levels were handling my treatment.  My estrogen was still low this last time so she increased the strength, BUT, she also increased the strength of my TESTOSTERONE. She had warned me early on that if there is too much testosterone in a female’s body, she will start having male tendencies, become more aggressive. 

YES!  I am not going crazy!! My testosterone must be too high! At least I am hoping that is what is wrong. I would hate to think that I am just becoming a mean person after 58 years. 

So, even though I am a firm believer of the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, I must warn my readers that the levels really need to be checked regularly until they are where they should be for us to be ‘normal’ again. 

I feel better! At least I know what the cause is and I can now get back to the drawing board and work on fixing it!


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