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    Emergence – Back to Life

    It’s been a long year. Our world has been dragged into the depths of hybernation and soul searching. I feel that it’s time to come back to life. This past week I experienced a healing of my soul and an emergence. Cycles and Changes Every living thing experiences cycles and changes. There is the ebb and flow of the tides, the hibernation of plants and animals in the winter, the rebirth of these beings in the spring. It’s a part of life that we cannot ignore. Everyone has been affected by the quarantine and the economy and politics! Yet we all have choices when it comes to how we recover…



    Here we go again! I sought out this post from last year so that I could be reminded that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There is stillness at the end of the madness! My Commencement planning starts in November but it builds like a snowball rolling down a mountain. I will soon be in the midst of the madness and I love it. I wouldn’t change a thing. But I need to remember to take care of myself in these upcoming weeks. The Reward It’s so rewarding when I watch our students walk down the aisle to receive their diplomas. Even if there are glitches, we…